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Now, this friday night, I guarantee you it's gonna be the biggest goddamn comeback celebration any y'all have ever seen. There's going to be people cheering and screaming and spotlights and fireworks. I wouldn't even doubt if there's a couple chicks showing their fucking pussies off. How do you say pussy in spanish? Panocha? I wouldn't doubt if some of the muchachas show their panochas off. They might show their panochas off. They might be waving their panochas all over the place. What I don't want to happen, is to be looking around when everybody's fucking screaming and cheering and celebrating me, and see all my teammates pouting and being jealous little bitches, dude. Ok? Remember, there is no 'i' in team, but there is a 'u' in cunt, so don't be little jealous cunts, ok? Let me get the praise and just be satisfied with the fact that you will get the runoff panocha.
— Kenny Powers
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